Multi-Layered Security

IceWarp's security features combine world class multi-threaded Anti-Virus and multi-layered Anti-Spam protection. A unique combination of more than 20 antispam technologies, including zero-hour protection from CYREN and Intrusion Prevention System, stops malicious or unwanted behavior in real time.

Stop Spam, Malware and Attackers at the Gateway
Comprehensive server-side security delivers organization-wide protection and automatic updates ensure the most current definitions.
Anti-Spam Protection
Users have control over the system through Black Lists, White Lists, Spam Folders & Quarantine Reports.
Zero-Hour Outbreak Monitoring

Enjoy real-time protection from the moment a spam outbreak emerges. Proactive IP reputation service analyzes more than 12 billion internet transactions daily from more than 550 million endpoints.

Enterprise Anti-Virus

Every file going in or out of your server is scanned and validated, be it email, groupware attachments, FTP files, or IM file transfers. The powerful multi-threaded engine custom built for IceWarp can scan over 4,000 messages per second.

Data Security

Potentially dangerous email attachments can be globally excluded based on their file extensions. The flexible filter system is able to reject password-protected files and executables hidden within archives (ZIP, RAR,…).

Secure Data and Keep Your Conversations Private
SSL security protects your data when it travels over the Internet.
Data encryption ensures the data cannot be abused once it reaches the end-point.
Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion prevention filters analyze all incoming connections including the number of authorization attempts, IP addresses and security level. Cross-session and cross-protocol monitoring blocks attackers instantly.


Integrated Let's Encrypt service with certificate lifecycle management lets you easily deploy secured inbound SSL connections, enforce SSL to specified Secure Destinations and set up VPN-like operation between servers with an SSL Tunnel.

Email Encryption

Certificate management allows users to digitally sign and encrypt email to ensure that messages cannot be read by anyone untrusted. Server-side message encryption adds another layer of protection for messages in transit.

Voice Encryption

Integrated WebRTC security features enable always-on voice and video encryption. Secure RTP protocol (SRTP) is used to protect both voice and video, which is especially beneficial for WiFi-connected devices.

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