Sync & Client Access

Wireless synchronization of email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to all mobile devices with the latest version of Exchange ActiveSync. Seamless Mac synchronization via dedicated OS X Configurator. For working offline, use Outlook 2007/2010/2013 or replace it with a full-featured email client for Windows.

Your Data Travels with You
Support for Exchange ActiveSync® ensures seamless PUSH synchronization for all data automatically through most mobile devices. Mobile users have up-to-the-minute access to both personal & shared information (including GAL).
Exchange ActiveSync

IceWarp uses an officially licensed, Microsoft-patented protocol which has become the industry standard available on all mobile platforms on the market including Windows Phone, iOS (iPhone and iPad), and Android devices.

Made for B.Y.O.D.

Soft Wipe - Selective Remote Wipe command deletes only company data from a mobile device without triggering factory reset and deleting a user’s private data.

Central Administration

Administrators can easily manage all devices connected to the server in one location, enable global and device specific policies or remotely wipe a device.

Control and Provisioning (ABQ)

Allow Block Quarantine rules allow filtering of mobile devices or device families, placing unknown devices into quarantine or blocking specific devices from connecting to the server.


When setting up a new mobile phone or account, users only need to enter their email address and password and SmartDiscover takes care of the technical settings.

Offline Access to All Your Data in Outlook
IceWarp Outlook Sync bridges native Outlook features and IceWarp server. Synchronize all Outlook data including Appointments, Contacts, Tasks, Notes, Distribution Lists, Documents, Public and Shared folders, with features like Scheduling, Free/Busy and Rules.
Outlook Sync Plugin

Outlook Sync is fully integrated into Outlook's interface under its own IceWarp Sync tab. End users can manage their account settings directly from Outlook, including their auto responder, forwarding and server-side routing rules.

Remote Provisioning

Selected synchronization settings have centralized management and can be remotely pushed from the administration console to Outlook Sync, which simplifies large-scale deployment and management.

Import Existing Profiles

Outlook Sync detects and can bind with existing Outlook profiles, useful when moving offline data to the cloud. From combinations of POP, IMAP and personal folders, Outlook Sync will bind to a supported profile or create a new one.

Ready to Connect with Mac Apps
IceWarp supports native applications in OS X that have become a key part of the Mac user experience.
Sync Your Mail and Messages
In addition to email, the OS X Messages application and IceWarp IM Server are completely compatible, allowing internal and secured presence, instant messaging and file sharing. Users created in IceWarp can be automatically added to personal IM contact lists.
Contacts & Calendars

All events, reminders and invitations will be synced between your iPhone, Mac and WebClient, and all your mobile and WebClient contacts will appear in the embedded OS X Contacts application.

OS X Configurator

OS X Configurator is an app for effortless setup of Mail, Messages, Calendar and Contacts on a Mac, available from the Mac App Store or WebClient login page. Supports OS X 10.6 through the latest OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Dowload from App Store
Desktop Client 6 - How Effective People Use Email
IceWarp Desktop Client is a full featured e-mail client for Windows with a modern and easy to use interface.
Outlook Replacement
Similar to Outlook, IceWarp Desktop Client supports multiple accounts, stores data offline and fully supports popular cloud services like Gmail, iCloud,
Import from Your Current Client

Seamless import of all data from most polupar e-mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat! and more.

Multiple Accounts

For email power users who have several email accounts to manage, nothing beats the automation of an email client with the right set of features and simple keyboard navigation.

Social Networking

Promptly reach to your contacts from the built-in messenger: send files, add emoticons, or interact with subscribers from other networks, all within the Desktop Client interface.

Search and History

Find any email, event, contact or attachment in seconds with fast full-text search. Communication history logs emails and attachments exchanged with any contact.

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